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7 tips to cure Alopecia universalis

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Alopecia Universalis Causes & Cure

Alopecia universalis (AU) leads to complete hair of loss on scalp and body. This is considered as the type Alopecia areata that leaves round patches of hair loss on body and scalp. It can occur in any age the main symptoms of this disease is loss of body hair, eyebrows , eyelashes and scalp hair. It can effect the other parts of your body too. Lot of research has been conducted to know the real cause of Alopecia universalis but till date exact cause is under question. Doctors observe the patterns of hair loss to announce the person is suffering from such disease. Lot of natural treatment is being available to cure this disease but are not that much effective. Doctors may also suggest ultraviolet light therapy to promote blood circulation and activate hair follicles. The main causes of Alopecia universalis is Genetic tendencies, Environmental triggers, Medicines, Long illness, Exposure to chemicals etc. Ayurveda is one of the world’s traditional medical systems. Ayurveda provides sympathetic, health care and 100% natural medicines, which offers reduction in hair loss. In ayurveda hair loss is termed as khalitya.
Tips to reduce hair fall


Ayurvedic Diet

: First way to reduce the hair fall is following the right diet plan. Ayurvedic diet is considered an essential treatment method for alopecia. The ayurveda suggests certain food products whose intake need to be more that are: Green vegetables, pulses and lentils Food with astringent properties, sweet and bitter. Herbal tea Dry fruits like soaked almond Chicken, Egg white and fish.

2. Pitta Pacification:To enhance the digestive system including pitta pacification dietary chart this type of treatment is stated as an effective ayurvedic treatment. By using this therapy effective herbs can remove the toxins and proves to be effective to cure Alopecia universalis.

3. Ayurvedic Oil Application: To cure Alopecia universalis Ayurveda offers induced medicated herbal hair oil for effective treatement of hair loss. To treat baldness this hair oil is most safest and effective and has shown good results. Shirodhara (head massage with medicated oil) is proven one.

4. Panchakarma Therapy: through this therapy five remedies can cure Alopecia universalis and detoxify the body. These types of therapy are supplement to other therapies that involve high cost and does not guarantee the disease removal. Specific suggestions of Panchakarma therapy are hair oil and Ksheera vasthi, which includes medicated enema. These Kaya kalpa therapies are meant for rejuvenation, that prevents from hair loss and also contributes in hair growth

5. Nasya: As the name suggest nose therapy in this therapy the medicine of ayurveda is through your nasal cavity to cure Alopecia universalis. By doing this the impurities will be removed from there. This nasal treatment is highly effective for treating symptoms of alopecia.

6. Other natural treatments : Apart from taking medicines controlling Stress, eating healthy & balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and a healthy life style are extremely necessary in falling of hair loss.
7. Yoga: Kesh vardhak yogs are effective for curing Alopecia universalis The treatment comprises of administration of rasayanas. Thses are very effective and affordable treatments for the one suffering from hair loss.

Ayurveda Hair Care offers the best treatment to cure the alopedia universalis. These ways can be very effective to cure Alopecia universalis

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