Alopecia Universalis Causes & Cure

Alopecia Universalis is a rare type of hair loss disease in which total hair loss is found on scalp or whole body. This type of hair loss is not very common but still there are cases where this type of hair loss is found. This can cause complete hair loss on human body and scalp unlike other types of hair loss where only scalp or body is affected. The basic symptom of Alopecia Universalis is that you start losing hair from your scalp and whole body parts. Hair from inside of your nose can also be fallen in Alopecia Universalis and a burning and itching feeling can also be felt around the affected areas. It is still to find the real cause of Alopecia Universalis but the researches have shown that this type of hair loss is caused by the failure of auto immune system or we can say the wrong way of working by autoimmune system. 

Following are some possible causes of Alopecia Universalis:

Autoimmune Attacks :

This is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immunity system starts killing its own cells and Alopecia Universalis occurs when immunity system takes the hair follicles as the harmful elements for the body. So to defend your body from these harmful elements which are in reality not harmful, immune system attacks the hair follicles and kills them that causes Alopecia Universalis. Sometimes the autoimmune attacks are so severe that whole body hair fall from the body and also from the scalp. Sometimes the attacks are not so severe that only partially hair fall is seen on body and scalp.

Genetics Reasons :

This ailment can be genetically transferred to the new generations. In most number of cases of Alopecia Universalis is it seen that one of the family members from last or second last generation has the Alopecia Universalis and this shows that it can be transferred genetically. So if you are facing this disease then it might root in your genes and might be followed to affect your younger generations. The most number of Autoimmune diseases have this tendency to go from one generation to the other hence the Alopecia Universalis is also can be caused by genetic reasons. 

Other Autoimmune Diseases :

Sometimes some other autoimmune disease can cause Alopecia Universalis by enhancing the hair follicles autoimmune disease. Vitiligo and Thyroid diseases are the most common autoimmune diseases that can cause auto immune to kill hair follicles. Thyroid diseases are the common cause for this because the glands are expanded in thyroid disease and immune system starts working slow and against the body’s useful cells due to the reason of cells produced by thyroid disease. This works as a circle that means auto one immune disease cause others. 

Stress :

IT is seen that stress is a cause of a number of diseases and Alopecia Universalis is one of them. Yes the researches show that person who takes a lot of stress can have hair fall issues and Alopecia Universalis. When a person takes stress his/her mind doesn’t support well and with this his/her body doesn’t work well and immunity system gets confused as well. This will cause immunity system to work in a wrong manner and once immunity system goes wrong all go wrong. You body starts killing those important cells that are useful for your body and when immune system start recognizing hair follicles as false inside the body it will start killing them and Alopecia Universalis is caused. Because of the fact that no particular sure reason is there for Alopecia Universalis hence the cure is also not sure. But still we have found some possible cures for Alopecia Universalis that a patient can use to the good effects

Ayurveda Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are the best method to cure Alopecia Universalis as this treatment works on the immune system. In this treatment the allergic condition is produced in the body on which the immune system reacts to cure and it can take the concentration of Immune system away from the hair follicles and Alopecia Universalis can be stopped. This will enhance the growth of hair follicles hence the growth of hair are increased. 

Stay Stress Free :

This is by far the easiest yet the most difficult to stay stress free in this world as the whole world is causing different types of problems in your life and that leads to tensions on your mind. No wonder you could have Alopecia Universalis due to stress because of the fact that stress kills your mind’s power. This will make your body’s immune system work slow or in wrong way which will cause various autoimmune diseases including the Alopecia Universalis. So you should use Yoga or other meditation methods to keep your mind and soul calm to avoid stress and stay away from hair fall. 
No matter what is the cause or cure for Alopecia this is the most annoying disease that you can ever have where no sure cure is available. But still Ayurveda has a number of herbs that are useful in treating Alopecia Universalis by enabling the human immune system work well. Ayurvedic Treatment for Alopecia Universalis is the best possible cure available for this disease that you can use and that too without any side effect on your body. 

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